What you can expect from us.
Every web site built by us is tailored exactly to your individual requirements, our aim is to make your web site stand out from the crowd, and not for the wrong reasons.

  • Development of an individually designed bespoke web sites.
  • To be informed throughout the development of your web site.
  • A free .co.uk or .com domain name of your choice.
  • Up to 5 email accounts, (if required).
  • Full support for your web site, (even after the project is completed, subject to contract).
  • Free search engine optimisation.

Flash Websites.
Maybe you've been considering a website built completely in Flash - our verdict on that approach
is - why? How many websites do you see listed in Goggle search results that are fully flashed up?
Most website designers who use flash are striving
to make the 'coolest site' rather than the 'most sensible and accessible'. Whilst Flash animation
does have it's place as in the example under this
article, - don't be drawn in to think that it will sell products or 'add movement' & 'life' to your pages,
it's not that important.

What should you choose.
You can rely on MMP media, to advise you of the most suitable and cost effective web site to suit your business or project. All web sites are built to your individual requirements and are crafted around your business or project.

e-commerse, CMS and database driven sites.
We also specialise in e-commerce web sites, static or database driven designed to suit your budget and requirements.
You can stay fully in control of the content of your website, with one of our content management System sites, enabling you to easily enter information on to your website from your own computer.

Please contact us for a friendly and none obligatory consultation thus enabling you to better understand what a web site can do for you. We have systems in place enabling even 3-4 page, small sites to accept verified credit and debit cards, through to art galleries and database driven e-commerce stores with a full content management system, (CMS)

Website Hosting.
Choose from one of our reliable web hosting packages. Our sites are hosted on a Microsoft Window 2003 server platform, for reliability and security, (An Apache server platform is available as an alternative should you require it).

We can offer hosting packages with most normal server side technologies, (including ASP, PHP, .net, (Cold fusion at extra cost).

Database are offered in the form of Microsoft SQL Database server and the My Sql Database server, both of which are used widely on many web sites, and are regarded as very reliable and secure, (SSL with certification is offered at a slight additional charge.).


Windows Server